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Abigail Weightman
United Kingdom

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Abigail Weightman, I am a student in the South East of England, but born in Northumberland in the North.

I have always been a lover of makeup, fashion and anything beauty related and in the past few years, after just starting my A levels I realized what I wanted from life; to be a makeup artist. I have always had a keen eye for new fashion trends in the face department and I always love trying out new products. It became apparent to me of this "hobbie" I had when my sister, my mum and my friends all came to me asking for advice on how to wear their makeup etc.
So one evening in January in 2014, after a friend at work suggested setting up a Makeup Blog to show more of an interest in this industry I set it up. I had help designing my blog from a fellow blogger, you can visit her page at goldenglowww.blogspot.co.ukStarting with a blog that contains a little more detail about myself and also reviewing a few recent beauty products.
I love shopping and buying new Makeup/Beauty products and clothes. So I want to show you what I like, what I do with my makeup and random little bits, so that you get another perspective on the latest products.

Thanks for browsing!

Lots of Love,


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